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An answer has also been given through the Sitecore Community Slack channel. Credit to sumithpd (Sr. Product Manager - Experience Platform at Sitecore) The mentioned class has been removed from the assembly, but it is still referenced in the configuration. It doesn’t affect any functionality since the class was obsolete for some time, and the log errors can ...


I guess you didn't add the 2 connections string (exm.master and exm.web) which are mandatory to add : Please check the installation guide at:


This looks like SQL encryption using column encryption keys is enabled, but possibly the way in which this is configured in 9.2 is different from 9.0.2, or the encryption keystore on your xConnect instance has not been configured. If you previously had encryption using column encryption keys and a keystore or Azure KeyVault, you might need to reconfigure ...


[NOTE: Converting my comment to an answer as it seems no other individuals were able to go further on this] The error is indicating that your shard map manager is not yet configured. You should validate what the range definition looks like in the ShardMapManager database. Your shard map manager DB name looks something like 'Xdb.Collection.ShardMapManager'. ...

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