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Search Results are not accurate

Please check Analyzers for attribute inside Administration -> Domain Setting -> Feature Configuration -> Textual Relevance in CEC portal. Trying changing/adding attribute analyzer to Standard,...
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How to Revert Item Source from Database to Resources in Sitecore XM Cloud After Template Modification?

You can use the cleanup command to revert item source from database back to IAR. dotnet sitecore itemres cleanup --path "{{itempath}}" -f -r This will perform the cleanup from the path ...
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Search Results are not accurate

This is way the analyzers work ( - WB6-WB7c). You should add a space in "worldwide.Facts" to be "worldwide. Facts".
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Is it posible to change the underlying repository of an Sitecore XM Cloud Project

It is now possible to change an XM Cloud project's repository: In the navigation pane of the XM ...
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