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Questions that are related to usages of Sitecore Universal Tracker and it's SDK should include this tag.
4 questions
This is a special tag that is designed to be used only by the system for questions that have had all of their other tags removed. Do not add this tag to existing questions, it is reserved for use by t…
3 questions
Questions about Sitecore update packages—installing with Update Installation Wizard and creating with TDS.
24 questions
Anything relates to Sitecore upgrade process
240 questions
For questions related to URL rewriting that specifically pertain to Sitecore, including Sitecore's native URL rewriting logic, customizations, etc. This tag should not be used for general URL rewritin…
30 questions
All questions related to Sitecore URL (item and media URLs) generation, configuration and its uses.
36 questions
For Sitecore-specific questions related to the storage and/or management of client and end users, user data and membership provider integrations
66 questions
For questions related to Sitecore user profiles, including custom and native profile types, properties and storage
46 questions
For questions related to Sitecore item and field validation rules within the Sitecore Client
70 questions
For questions specifically related to Sitecore's content versioning, including version governance (workflows, etc.), language versions, version retrieval via code, etc.
47 questions
All questions related to virtual hosting in the Sitecore context can use this tag.
1 question
A virtual user is nothing but the same as a physical user in Sitecore. It can do all the tricks that a normal user can do. Any question around this concept can use this tag.
3 questions
For Sitecore-specific questions related to Sitecore development in Visual Studio. This tag is not meant for general Visual Studio question, but rather only for those questions that specifically relate…
49 questions
1 question
0 questions
For questions related to the ASP.NET Web API framework, whether writing APIs to manage content or functionality in Sitecore, or consuming data from APIs written using Web API (e.g., the Sitecore ItemS…
55 questions
0 questions
Web Deploy (msdeploy) simplifies deployment of web applications and web sites to IIS servers. It is used by the Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF).
10 questions
For questions related to Sitecore using .NET Webforms. This tag is not meant for general .NET Webforms questions.
28 questions
can be used for all question related to WeBlog module integration and configuration for Sitecore.
7 questions
Anything related to the Web Forms For Marketers module.
311 questions
For questions specifically related to the customization, creation and use of wildcard items in Sitecore. This tag is specifically meant for Sitecore wildcard items for URLs.
16 questions
For questions regarding the workbox tool in the Sitecore client.
22 questions
Questions about workflow in Sitecore: configuring, using, issues, customizing, ...
126 questions
Questions about how Sitecore can be used with the Xamarin tools for cross-platform user interfaces.
5 questions
For questions related to xConnect, the API service layer abstracting the storage architecture of xDB from those accessing xDB data.
479 questions
For questions related to the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB). If you're using Sitecore 7.2 or earlier, use the `dms` tag instead.
549 questions
Sitecore xDB Cloud collects online and offline customer interactions from all channel sources in a real-time big data repository. All questions around this topic, should use this tag.
7 questions
Any question related to X-Frame-Options HTTP response header in Sitecore context should consider this tag
1 question
XM Cloud is Sitecore’s cloud-native, modern CMS empowering brands to create, manage, and deliver relevant content at lightning-fast speeds. Any question related to this topic, can make use of this tag…
30 questions
0 questions
1 question
1 question
0 questions
ZooKeeper is a centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization, and providing group services. Any question on a zookeeper in Sitecore conte…
1 question
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