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No forms are displaying in Sitecore 9 Forms area
3 votes

I'm adding this answer as well in case you are not in the situation that the marked answer suggests. Another thing to check is your indexes. The forms on the Sitecore Forms page are queried from the ...

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"Reach" statistic in "Personalized Experience" dialog of Experience Editor is not showing correct values
Accepted answer
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So I reached out to Sitecore Support, and it looks like this issue is resolved in Sitecore 9. However, for those of you using Sitecore 8, here is how you can resolve the issue: In the Content Editor, ...

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How to add a class img-responsive to RTE in Sitecore 8.x
1 votes

For the RTE in Sitecore (Telerik RadEditor), it's a one or the other type of scenario. So, you can either use the "WebStyleSheet" setting in Sitecore, or you can modify the RTE's ToolsFile.xml to add ...

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