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"The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized" Error while accessing item binary data in Coveo with Windows Auth
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I ended up doing the following: Create a separate IIS site pointing to original site's directory. Allow anonymous access on it Update ServerUrl path in Coveo.SerchProvider.config to new site Set ...

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Coveo pin items between results
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I managed to do this by combining CoveoProcessParsedRestResponseArgs and underscore template on UI. Basically I added a new property Ads to SearchResult item using the ...

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How to index related (or linked) items in a page using Coveo and display them in the search results?
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Try creating a computed field for PDF and Word documents as shown here https://developers.coveo.com/display/public/SitecoreV4/Creating+a+Computed+Field+for+a+Referenced+Item Then you can access the ...

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