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Missing custom page templates from "Template to design mapping" in Sitecore SXA
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I Managed to Fix this issue , the appropriate Sit template location for the site should set Open the '/sitecore/content/{Tenant}/{Tenant Site}/Settings' item. Choose 'Project/{Appropriate Tenant}' ...

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Workflow State for a child Item is Blank , will smart publish, publish the item
1 votes

I was able to finally find the root Cause When a content editor attempts to edit an item in the final state of a workflow, Sitecore creates a new version of the item and moves that item to the ...

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Not able to edit items after using Sitecore SXA security role
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i am not able to edit any items. And get below warning message on top of every item - This happens because by default the created roles do not define any Language Read/Write permissions. It's up to ...

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