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Is it possible to associate goal triggering on button click without code?
4 votes

Honestly I was looking into this myself too. And whereas Mark says that this is not possible that is (for as far as I am aware) still true. However, I don't agree that you should look whether or not ...

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Sitecore xDB Stale data encryption (always encrypted)
2 votes

The final answer from support: You can enable Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) on your SQL Server and there is no limitation to do it because SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption does not affect "...

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Sitecore - Digizuite workflow coordination
1 votes

Checked this question with Digizuite as it was indeed an interesting one. As Owen mentions above, they indeed want you to hook into their API and listen for whatever event is relevent for you. They ...

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Authenticating via RESTful API service
0 votes

As it turns out, for some reason, the values typed in Postman got the wrong Hyphens... -”- instead of -"- And the nullreference then follows suit as the AuthenticationController can't figure out the ...

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Adding a new language version of a component in Experience Editor
-4 votes

you should be able to add a new button on the component ribbon that allows you to add a new language version for the current context language. Can't be that hard to realize

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