Currently I have a form (created using Sitecore 9 Forms not with WFFM module) and on submit (custom submit action button). While clicking submit button, I have to show the loading image in the client side whenever a Background server operation is in progress.

How can I do this with Sitecore 9 Forms?


You can add some javascript on your webpage to listen on your submit button and show a loader icon.

To have some handles, you can add custom css classes on your submit buttons.

This can be done, either by adding them by the contenteditor.

enter image description here

Or you could also edit the Website\Views\FormBuilder\FieldTemplates\button.cshtml file to make it hardcoded.


Note that you can add css-classes on almost all components of the Sitecore Forms feature.

  • Is it possible to show success message in same page (not move to next page(thank you page). currently i'm using sitecore form with submit action button. while submit the button, i want to show the success message for above or below submit button. Is there any option to show this message – PKH Jan 22 '19 at 18:59

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