In the Helix context (foundation/feature/project) I have multiple TDS projects. I can configure them to create an update package.

But can I configure TDS through the TdsGlobal.config to create a single update package?

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Yes you can. The way I have it setup, I use a Project layer TDS project to bundle all the other TDS projects up.

If you go into the properties of the TDS Project and load the Multi-Project Properties tab. You can then set the Package Bundling properties. So in your main TDS project that you want to create the update package, add in all the other projects:

enter image description here

This is not something you would set in the TDSGlobal.config as it only needs to apply to a single project. Trying to add this to the global config would mean that all TDS projects had dependencies on each other.


You can use package bundling to create a single package containing items from multiple other TDS projects, see screenshot below. I have never tried putting this in the TdsGlobal.config but this should probably work just like any other project setting. enter image description here

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