I have had a to get child items in a tree where their name contains a value. This was working until I updated the node (and its templates) to be a bucket. Now I can't get the query to return anything.

I have the item with item name "myItem-123" in the bucket. Typing "123" in the bucket search in the client UI returns the item just fine. "clients" is the bucket in the tree.

var getItemBuilder = new GetItemByPathBuilder()
            .Path("/sitecore/content/Client Content/Global/Settings/clients//*")

        var clientSetting = this.contentRepository.GetItem<IMyInterface>(getItemBuilder.Options);

I can use this XPath in XPath builder and it returns the time (I have to use the full name but even with the full name in the addparam call I still get nothing).

I had this all setup and working before I changed it to an item bucket. Not sure how the item bucket change would have broken this. Am I not understand the "AddParam" method correctly?

I have tried a number of GetItems method and GetItemsOptions that match other queries I have done and all those fail as well. It seems whatever I try to query items in a bucket fails.

var getItems2 = new GetItemsByQueryOptions(new Query("/sitecore/content/Client Content/Global/Settings/clients/*"));

var test2 = this.contentRepository.GetItems<IClientViewTemplate>(getItems2);

This also errors out saying the operation is not supported

My mapping looks like this.

            config =>
                config.Field(x => x.ViewTemplate).FieldId("MyFieldGUID");
  • Not really an answer, but you shouldn't be using sitecore queries to get results like this. If you have a bucket and you need to get a result, best practice dictates that you handle this using the Content Search API instead. Mostly because you are using a recursive query to get your results which if there ends up being thousands of items in your bucket (which is why you typically use a bucket) your results could take an extended time to return. Feb 6, 2019 at 21:54

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Here is the solution I found. I need to play more with the AddParams method as I don't fully understand what that is doing. I got the query to work with the below code (if there is a better way please let me know) and wanted to post in case it could help anyone else.

var getItems = new GetItemByQueryBuilder()
var mySetting = this.contentRepository.GetItem<IMyTemplate>(getItems.Options);

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