Right now in our view we have something like this:

using (BeginRenderLink(x => x.ButtonLink, new { @class = "primary-button", style = style }, isEditable: true))
    @Editable(x => x.ButtonText)

We're currently linking to this view from a view rendering and the business has told me that they may want to occasionally add a Querystring parameter to the link and that the value may depend on several factors.

I'm considering changing the rendering to a controller so that I can change x.ButtonLink to include the query string parameters I want.

What I am concerned with is how to get this to play well with the experience editor. Am I going about this the wrong way? Is there a different method I should use that would serve this purpose better?

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I think this is a good approach that you mentioned in the question. As far as I see you are using Glass Mapper, so this ButtonLink is a Link type where you can easily change the Query property in your Controller, like this:

model.ButtonLink.Query = "key=value";

Important to mention that with the approach above you overwrite the querystring which can be given by content editors.

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