We recently upgraded our project to Sitecore9 initial release from 7.2. We were re-compiling our code including latest Sitecore.Analytics.dll

We are getting this error

if (Tracker.IsActive) { Tracker.Visitor.ExternalUser = domainUser.ToLower(); }

Method not found: 'Sitecore.Analytics.Data.DataAccess.Visitor Sitecore.Analytics.Tracker.get_Visitor()'.

Can someone help me in resolving this?

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It looks like you're trying to identify the contact. The code should be changed as per the documentation for Sitecore 9.0.x

Just an example, but it might look something like this

if (Tracker.Enabled && Tracker.Current != null && Tracker.Current.IsActive) { 
    Tracker.Current.Session.IdentifyAs("sitecoreextranet", domainUser.ToLower()); 

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