Want to know main purpose of dbbrowser.aspx page under admin tool. It looks similar to content editor interface.

What are main advantages of this tool over content editor?

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An often overlooked benefit of it, is it's capability to browse any Sitecore Item structure. While obvious, many people don't consider that an Item needs to inherit a lot of fields/base templates for the Content Editor to be able to navigate them properly. Security, Workflow, Item Statistics and so on.

The DBBrowser tool needs none of that. It just allows you to browse the item parent/child hierarchy and shows you what it finds.


It is also usefull in situations when Content Editor does not work because of broken item. You can use dbbrowser.aspx to navigate to that item and


A quick way to browse through the separate Sitecore databases. It is pretty lightweight and supports previewing of item’s fields, versions, languages etc. The DB Browser also allows preview of the file system.

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    The delete of subitems is present on Sitecore. If you click on an item that has subitems, from the Home tab where the Delete icon is present, there is a dropdown and you can click on it to delete subitems (ibb.co/wJQYY8D). However, I've seen that deleting bulk item from dbbrowser is much faster than from the content editor. Maybe, through dbbrowser, it bypass the different events Apr 25, 2019 at 8:33
  • I updated my answer, you are right. Apr 25, 2019 at 8:41

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