Environment: Sitecore 9.3

I have a Sitecore Form which consists of the following fields:

  • First Name (Single-line Text)
  • Last Name (Single-line Text)
  • Attachments (Native File Upload Component)
  • Submit Button

Attachments are stored in ExperienceForms Database, table: sitecore_forms_filestorage.FileStorage. How to create a functionality where URL should be generated for each uploaded file to download it directly?

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You can get the list of all form entries from the ExperienceForms Database.

            var result = new List<FormEntry>();
            var output = dataProvider.GetEntries(formId, startDate, endDate);
            if (output != null && output.Any())
                result = output.ToList();

for GetEntries, you can use IFormDataProvider interface.

namespace Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Data
  public interface IFormDataProvider
    IReadOnlyCollection<FormEntry> GetEntries(
      Guid formId,
      DateTime? startDate,
      DateTime? endDate);

    void CreateEntry(FormEntry entry);

    void DeleteEntries(Guid formId);

I've not worked on storage but based on my understanding so far, I think you can create a custom FileStorageProvider class and generate the link field property based on your need -


So the idea is if you have [FormItemID] reference in storage, you can first get the forms, (As mentioned above) and based on [FormItemID] reference you can get the files from the custom repository with the custom property of link.

I hope these details will help.

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