Following the below steps, we see an issue in Sitecore v9.3.0 + Glass V5.6.160, compared to Sitecore v9.0.1 + Glass v4.5.0.4:

  1. Create a datasource item, version ONLY in EN culture. the fields has field level fallback enabled.
  2. For a page in EN culture, add component via SharedLayout and associate with datasource item above.
  3. For the selected page in #2, add version in a different language (NOT English culture).
  4. View the page on CMS for the language selected in #3 (NOT English culture), you will notice "the component shows on the CMS page, even though a version does not exist for the component."

In sitecore v9.0.1 + GlassV4, the component is shown in Experience Editor and NOT shown on CMS site.

In Sitecore v9.3.0 + GlassV5, the component is shown in Experience Editor and ALSO shown on CMS site.

  • Note: we have the VersionCountDisabler customization as below dependencyResolver.ObjectConstructionFactory.Remove<ItemVersionCountByRevisionTask>();
  • Also, if I try to use the below customization, the component is NOT shown on both CMS page & Experience Editor, which is not correct. reference here
    dependencyResolver.ObjectConstructionFactory.Replace<ItemVersionCountByRevisionTask, ItemVersionCountTask>(() => new ItemVersionCountTask());

EXPECTED: if a Language version does not exist, the component on SharedLayout shall NOT show on the CMS page. But shall show in the experience editor allowing content Authors to edit/create.

I have also tried (reference) setting the enforceVersionPresence=true on the site, and checking the Enforce Version on Datasource Item template. It does not produce the EXPECTED result.

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To resolve the issue, I have enabled the following as referenced here

  1. Enable the enforceVersionPresence attribute on site definition.
  2. Enforce version presence on your template

Note: you may reset fields on you templates, when using a baseComponent template.

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