I have the following dummy controller trying to use https://github.com/cassidydotdk/Sitecore.Datalift

public class MyController : DataLiftController
    public ActionResult Index()
        var actionItem = GetActionItem("User Defined/MyProject/Pages/MyItem");

        if (actionItem == null)
            return new EmptyResult;

        var viewModel = new ViewModel()
            Title = actionItem["Title"]

        return View("~/Views/MyView.cshtml", viewModel);

However, I always get null for actionItem. What am I doing wrong? I am expecting the actionItem to return context item unless I have datasource then return datasource. However in both instances I get null.

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Sitecore.Datalift follows the normal pattern of trying to grab the Datasourced item, falling back to Context.Item if no datasource has been set.

While I can't tell from your code exactly what is failing, the normal caveats would be:

  1. You've not defined your datasource. If so; your code above expects Context.Item to have a template that is or inherits User Defined/MyProject/Pages/MyItem
  2. You have defined a datasource, but it points to an invalid or non-existing item. If so, GetActionItem will always return null.
  3. The datasource you have defined is valid, but the item pointed to is or does not inherit User Defined/MyProject/Pages/MyItem
  • No. 2 fixed it for me. Thank you. The item wasn't publishing as expected.
    – Anicho
    Oct 3, 2016 at 23:56

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