I have successfully set up the Order cloud buyer, seller, and middleware on my Azure VDI instance, but when adding the product item to the cart the buyer application is giving the below error.

PUT request http://localhost:5001/order/X84Gf98P9ke7_vuWBT8qhg/lineitems 405 (Method Not Allowed)

If I add configuration to remove “WebDAVModule” than 405 error is resolved but now it is giving 404 error

 OrderCloud Error: Order X84Gf98P9ke7_vuWBT8qhg not found
 http://localhost:5001/order/X84Gf98P9ke7_vuWBT8qhg/lineitems-- giving 404 Not Found

Any idea? Thanks & regards, Vikas Chauhan (edited)

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The error 404 not found for orderID X84Gf98P9ke7_vuWBT8qhg indicates that the order you are attempting to add line items to is not found. This could be indicative of one of several things.

  • Double check that your UserContext is a user that has access to this orderID.
  • Ensure that your middleware is configured to utilize an API Client that is part of the marketplace this orderID is part of.
  • The last thing to check would be to ensure this order still exists, and has not been deleted.

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