Currently upgrading to 10.2 and migrating to SC managed Cloud as part of this project. We are having a few issues after our first image deployment. I would like to view the SC logs. Its my understanding that the Sitecore logs are exported into Elastic Search. How do we access Elastic Search to view / query the logs?

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You should still have some access to the services in Azure - for my project running in Managed Cloud in containers (Kubernetes) I can use kubectl to show the logs. For debugging purposes I found this to be the fastest way.

But you can also use Kibana (open-source data visualization tool used to show the logs stored in ElasticSearch). Check https://doc.sitecore.com/xp/en/developers/102/managed-cloud/getting-started-with-managed-cloud-standard.html on how to access Kibana. I wrote a small part about it in my blog https://ggullentops.blogspot.com/2022/03/sitecore-managed-cloud-SXA-jss-nextjs.html :


This might sound like a sunny Brazilian beach but it's actually the place to find your logs - based on Elastic Search. You'll find the information in the Sitecore docs, your url and login information in the secrets and you're good to go.

If you are not used to this environment it can be a bit tricky to find what you are looking for. First of all: find the navigation - and go to "Discover" in the "Analytics section. You should get a lot of entries that might make no sense so you need to start filtering. The servicename is a good place to start: those will be like "sitecore-xm1-cm" and so on. The pod_name can also be useful if you know it. Best way for me was start simple and check the results to see which fields are available and can be used to filter further to get the logs needed.

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  • Thank you so much. I am now into Kibana and querying. I have a another question but I will create another question Aug 3 at 14:42

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