Sitecore.NET 10.1.1 (rev. 005862) in Azure PAAS Scaled

What I am trying to do:

  1. I want to write the logs into the Application Insights for the Sitecore Identity server.

What I have done till:

  1. I checked the instrumentation key. It is fine.
  2. I checked the daily quota and that is fine.
  3. I couldn't find file Sitecore.Cloud.ApplicationInsights.config as mentioned here

Sorry but I am unable to find what I am missing.

  • IdentityServer uses the standard logging facilities provided by ASP.NET Core, So I don't think you need to enable anything for logging on any PaaS environment, you already confirm the instrumentation key so you can just confirm the Role setting is there under /Sitecore/Logging/Serilog/Properties Commented Sep 19, 2022 at 16:40

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I think what you need to do is the following.

Download the installation package for Azure AppService from the Sitecore Downloads Portal. You are going to copy the files


which are only available in the Sitecore Azure AppService installation packages

Read more about to setup with this article.


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