We are using Sitecore 10.2/Headless/JSS React, also we enabled server-side rendering by hosting behind the Headless JSS proxy.

We require every layout service to authenticate in the backend(Sitecore), and we need to set a custom authorize header for every layout service call. Especially we need this on the server side.

  • Is it possible to add for graphql layout service in graphql on clinet side rather than using ssr proxy ? Commented Apr 15 at 11:44

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This is doable in Node JS reverse proxy template.

  1. Go to \src\config.ts
  2. Under the ProxyConfig => proxyOptions. Basically, this is http-proxy-middleware, so you can customize it like here.
  3. Add the example of the below line,
   * Add custom headers for the layout service here
    onProxyReq: function (proxyReq: any) {
        proxyReq.setHeader('Authorization', "Value here");          

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