I am using Sitecore PowerShell Extension with the below script

$indexName = "sitecore_web_index"
$criteria = @(
                @{Filter = "Contains"; Field = "industry_sm"; Value = "{7451A225-6450-4D26-BE04-624FD2E63B76}" },
                @{Filter = "Contains"; Field = "service_sm"; Value = "{0670EE3C-1D07-4172-9ADB-19127D90C180}" }
 $list = Find-Item -Index $indexName -Criteria $criteria | Initialize-Item

The issue is above script returns items that follow both filter conditions is it possible to get items even if it follows only one filter condition

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Try using the below code. I checked a few articles that show that it works with And operator, but you can try with Or operator.

class IndustrySearchResultItem : SearchResultItem

$props = @{
    Index = "sitecore_master_index"
    Where = "Industry.Contains(@0) Or Service.Contains(@1)"
    WhereValues = "{7451A225-6450-4D26-BE04-624FD2E63B76}", "{0670EE3C-1D07-4172-9ADB-19127D90C180}"
    QueryType = [IndustrySearchResultItem]

Find-Item @props

Reference: https://doc.sitecorepowershell.com/appendix/indexing/find-item#where-less-than-string-greater-than

Powershell get all items that use a template

Hope this helps.

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