So I have a multilist with search field that I ONLY want to add the items under my home folder per region. So I want my us site settings file to only pull in the US home items and then the CA Site settings to bring in CA only home items.

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Currently my query is returning all of the items under CA, UK and US. Here is my query figure its something small but cant track it down.

query:../home//*[@@templatename='ContentPage_LeftNav' or @@templatename='ContentPage']

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The problem is you are using a Multilist with Search field, but supplying it with the source query used for a standard Multilist field.

On the Multilist with Search field, you are writing a query against the index vs using Sitecore Query.

Start with StartSearchLocation, in your case you would want something like StartSearchLocation=/sitecore/content/US/home, then you can add in a template filter, using the Guids of the templates vs the template names. So the source field would look something like:


If you wanted to have your StartSearchLocation relative to the current item you are on, then you can use a query there too like this:


References: https://thecodeattic.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/multilist-with-search-secret-sauce/

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