I have multiple websites running on Single Sitecore instance. e.g.

http://xyz.com (Main Website) and http://abc.xyz.com (another Sitecore website)

Customer now wish to have only one site as below

http://xyz.com/abc/{pages from abc site}

Can we achieve this without disturbing current content structure in Sitecore. Just with some config changes?


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As per commented by Chris, This is the correct answer. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9378122/accessing-sitecore-content-with-virtual-folders

We need to mention physical folder same as virtual folder. Patch before attribute is very important here.

Add below attributes in our abc.xyz.com website settings

    <site name="abc.xyz.com" patch:before="site[@name='xyz.com']" 
    virtualFolder="/abc" physicalFolder="/abc"



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