I am a bit confused here.

Under the same Sitecore 8.1 instance, I have two web sites set as two virtual folders (www.site.com and www.site.com/customers) under the same app pool. This is a temporary setup; at term the two sites will be merged into one but for various reasons (including $) this can be done now. So a phased approach is needed to integrate the two properties.

All my questions relate to, how could i share the user session between the two sites, namely:

  1. Can I share cookies between the two sites (it seems it is not by default; for example language preferences seem to be lost between the sites)?
  2. How can I recognize the xDB contact between these two sites?
  3. Furthermore, I would like to replace the current login page in www.site.com with a new one in www.site.com/customers. How can I enable the web session transfer/sharing between the two sites (web SSO, custom cookie as I have seen in this post Share Session across Sitecore subsites but it may impact 2)?

Thanks for your help!



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