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Questions tagged [msbuild]

Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild), is a platform for building .NET applications. It provides an XML schema for a project file that controls how the build platform processes and builds software. Any question around this in Sitecore context can make use of this tag.

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gulp publish problem: 'spawn C:\windows\\Framework64\v(not used)\msbuild.exe ENOENT'

I try to publish my Sitecore project solution using a custom-made script. I run the gulp publishSitecoreSolution command (a custom-made one), and I get this output in PowerShell: [15:55:04] Loading C:\...
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1 answer

CI build selecting the the wrong web.config

Currently using msbuild in dev ops to build and publish our sc helix solution. Each project in the helix solution has a web.config file and ive noticed that after the build and publish the web.config ...
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Microsoft assembly not copied to publish folder

I have a Visual Studio solution where I manage NuGet packages globally with a Packages.props file. I have a filesystem publishprofile. Now I added a reference to the NuGet package System.Diagnostics....
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