Questions about the Sharepoint connector for Sitecore

SharePoint Connect provides a flexible framework for creating synergy between your SharePoint assets and your Sitecore content delivery engine. You can use the framework to integrate your Sitecore solution with SharePoint in many different ways - out of the box. It also provides an extensible framework that you can use to customize your solution to meet your specific needs, while keeping the look and feel of your Sitecore site and following Sitecore's best practices.

SharePoint Connect offers page-level, item-level, and API-level integration. It can be used with Sitecore XP and gives you the tools to harness the advantages of SharePoint's document management features within Sitecore.

SharePoint Connect is not supported on Sitecore 9 (and greater). We have released the source code on GitHub so you can modify it as needed if you need to use the connector with Sitecore 9.