Is there a way to create catalog/product from commerce API? In postman I found example "Add Catalog" but it uses "DoUxActionsaction instead of some REST method like [POST] /Catalogs

I managed to generate client code from metadata ({{OpsApiHost}}/{{ShopsApi}}/$metadata) using Odata Connected Service in VS and tried to use generated method for creating new catalog

_container.AddToCatalogs(new Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Catalog.Catalog()
                Name = "Test",
                DisplayName = "Test",
                PriceBookName = "Postman_Price_Book",
                PromotionBookName = "Postman_Promotion_Book",
await _container.SaveChangesAsync();

but SaveChangesAsync throws error

"System.NotSupportedException: No action match template 'Catalogs' in 'CatalogsController'"

Using postman i was able to get all routes


and PUT/POST for Catalogs ins't present. Is there a way to create catalog/product or do I have to go with DoUxAction

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In addition to Vlads answer you can also have a look at this plugin, where I implemented a lot of functionality around importing / creating and updating commerce content in general.



You can do it in next wa in a pipeline block:

public class DoActionGenerateCatalog : PipelineBlock<EntityView, EntityView, CommercePipelineExecutionContext>
    private readonly CommerceCommander _commerceCommander;

    public DoActionGenerateCatalog(CommerceCommander commerceCommander)
        this._commerceCommander = commerceCommander;

     public override async Task<EntityView> Run(EntityView entityView, CommercePipelineExecutionContext context)
        var createdCatalog = await this._commerceCommander.Command<CreateCatalogCommand>().Process(context.CommerceContext, name, displayName);

       createdCatalog = await this._commerceCommander.Command<GetCatalogCommand>().Process(context.CommerceContext, name);


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