I am using Unicorn v3 and have warnings on a number of items (field no longer exist) but have items without warnings in the same sync/project as well.

ERROR: Non-fatal warnings occurred during loading. (11 inner failures)

The field a42b18d0-f5dd-4e5d-81a0-84a98647905d (likely Formatted value) is not present in Sitecore on the Price Catalog Field template.

... 10 more warnings of the same type

at Unicorn.Loader.DeserializeFailureRetryer.RetryAll(ISourceDataStore sourceDataStore, Action`1 retrySingleItemAction, Action`1 retryTreeAction)
   at Unicorn.Loader.SerializationLoader.LoadAll(IItemData[] rootItemsData, IDeserializeFailureRetryer retryer, IConsistencyChecker consistencyChecker, Action`1 rootLoadedCallback)
   at Unicorn.SerializationHelper.SyncTree(IConfiguration configuration, Action`1 rootLoadedCallback, IItemData[] roots)
   at Unicorn.ControlPanel.Pipelines.UnicornControlPanelRequest.SyncVerb.Process(IProgressStatus progress, ILogger additionalLogger)

Unicorn completes but does not seem to update the other items that do not have warnings.

Is this expected behavior or configuration?

  • More information is needed here, what are the warnings, are there any errors in the logs? What have you looked into to so far? – Richard Seal Feb 27 at 15:14
  • Added the stacktrace. Actually I am not sure where to dig deeper at the moment. – Joost Feb 27 at 15:23
  • Might be worth taking this to the #unicorn channel on sitecorechat.slack.com ? – Richard Seal Feb 27 at 15:24
  • Unicorn 3? :O And what version of Sitecore? That said, the non-fatal warnings logged have no direct connection to the Exception happening later. – Mark Cassidy Feb 27 at 16:53

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