I am facing the issue with goals, I have created multiple goals according to our requirement as below:

enter image description here

After that, I have assigned a goal to respective pages like Ciaz goal on Ciaz page, Baleno Goal to Baleno page, etc.

Now I am to changing datasource rendering on a different page on bases of goal triggering or page visit on which i have assigned a goal. I have created 4 different data source and assigned personalization rule on rendering as below:

enter image description here

Now first time personlization rule is working fine. When i visit another car page then datasource should be change on bases of goal condition but its not changing. Please guide me. Thanks.

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If you've set it up like this, once you trigger ANY of your goals - that's the one that will be selected. Personalisation works through conditions until it finds one that matches.

So if you have goals A and B; and personalisation going "if A then => datasource", "if B then => datasource" - and BOTH goals A and B have been triggered, only A will be selected as a datasource.

You need to rethink your personalisation strategy; Sitecore isn't laid out to do what you're asking for here.

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