I'm trying to configure Sitecore Leprechaun to generate Glass models for my project, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get it to work.

My project folder structure looks like:

     /unicorn (This is the root Unicorn serialization path)
     /Code Generation
     /MyProject.Domain (This is where I want the code generated)

I've tried a whole bunch of versions of Leprechaun.config, but no matter what I do, Leprechaun says I have 0 templates available.

Note: This project is NOT using a Helix architecture, all the templates will be contained in the Domain project.

Does anyone know what my Leprechaun.config file needs to look like to get this working?

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In the Leprechaun.config file, there's an element called <templatePredicate ...>

by default, it's using Helix conventions:

<templatePredicate type="Leprechaun.Filters.StandardTemplatePredicate, Leprechaun" rootNamespace="$(layer).$(module)" singleInstance="true">
    <include name="Templates" path="/sitecore/templates/$(layer)/$(module)" />

Since you aren't using a Helix architecture, let's pretend you have a folder in /sitecore/templates named "MyProject" where you store all your templates

you'd want to change the path the include to be:

<include name="Templates" path="/sitecore/templates/MyProject" />

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