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Question related to use of Code Generation tools such as TDS or Leprechaun to Item and Template create model classes

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Leprechaun custom field mapping not working, always outputs field type as string

I'm using Leprechaun for code generation and the custom field mapping I'm trying to implement isn't working. The field is generated as type String in every case, so I know the custom mapping is ...
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Code generation in Sitecore 10.2 apart from TDS [closed]

Recently we have upgraded Sitecore to 10.2. For code generation we have implemented 'Leprechaun' and code is being generated fine. But I want to know if 'Leprechaun' is recommended by Sitecore. If no, ...
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Could not find a part of the path in TDS

I am trying to sync items in TDS during sync some items I am getting this error. Could not find a part of the path 'D:\Projects\WebsiteProject\TDS\Intranet\TDS.Master.Templates\sitecore\templates\...
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Passing Code Generation Properties to TDS T4 templates

I want to pass some additional parameters to my T4 code generation templates in my TDS projects. In the TDS Projects Code Generation properties tab, there is a field for passing additional code ...
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How do I configure Leprechaun field/type mapping at a feature level?

I've added the below configuration to a CodeGen.config file at the Feature level. The code is generated and put into the feature Template.cs file, but the mapping I've added isn't picked up. If I add ...
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What should my Leprechaun Configuration look like in a non-Helix project?

I'm trying to configure Sitecore Leprechaun to generate Glass models for my project, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get it to work. My project folder structure looks like: /sitecore /...
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TDS Re-Generate Code only for one target Item

TDS allows to Re-Generate Code for all Items by clicking appropriate TDS project in VS Explorer. This process also is executed during item creating/changing (any synchronization stuff). Question - ...
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