The content tree is as follows:


There is a multilist field and I would like the user to be able to select only Articles and/or Rewards.
Before setting the source query I was trying it in the XPath Builder:

/sitecore/content/site1/home/articles/*/*|/sitecore/content/site2/home/rewards/*/*[@@templateid='{02DB4F77-20CB-463D-BF3A-177C6B6E2DA5}' or @@templateid='{AB86861A-6030-46C5-B394-E8F99E8B87DB}']

The first guid is the article template & the 2nd is the reward template. The result only shows articles.


How should this query be to show both articles & rewards.

Any suggestions for Treelist are also welcome.

  • Instead of a single |, can you add 1 more like: || Commented Sep 13, 2019 at 16:30

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For multiple datasource location, for a Multi-list field, you should use 2 ||. So, your query will be as follows:

sitecore/content/site1/home/articles/*/*||/sitecore/content/site2/home/rewards/*/*[@@templateid='{02DB4F77-20CB-463D-BF3A-177C6B6E2DA5}' or @@templateid='{AB86861A-6030-46C5-B394-E8F99E8B87DB}']

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