Pretty new to SXA, currently using it on a project with JSS (so not using the built-in renderings or anything like that, but am using Page Designs and Page Partials).

I'm not sure if this is known or expected functionality, so hoping somebody can help me. I have some page partials, which are all working great. I have Placeholders, with various allowed renderings configured. If I insert a rendering onto one of these placeholders via a Partial, that placeholder becomes "inactive" in EE - I can no longer add more renderings onto that placeholder. When I hit all placeholder buttons, that placeholder no longer shows up... seems to add a rendering via an SXA partial hides the placeholder Add Rendering button in EE.

Is this expected behavior? I'm hoping there's a checkbox somewhere that'll set it to "enable renderings from partials and EE" or something like that... but I'm not hopeful. I'm guessing it's a bug, but keen to hear what the community has to say before I raise a Sitecore support request.

I made a video demonstrating what I'm trying to explain above, might be easier to understand by seeing it in action...



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