I am trying to change the default size of the "Select a Rendering" Dialog.

enter image description here

it would be ok if I change the size of every dialog box, not just this one.

I've tried to override the css, but I was not able to change the dialog size.

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If you want to override it for all dialogs, you can change it in file:



`function showModalDialog`

and when dialogOptions variable is initialized, use any value you want for width property:

var dialogOptions = {
    closeText: top.scForm.translate("Close"),
    modal: true,
    draggable: !isMobileBrowser(),
    height: dialogHeight,
    width: YOUR_VALUE_HERE, // HERE <------
    resizable: isResizable,
    dialogClass: isClosable ? '' : 'no-close',
    title: '',
    open: function () {
      contentIframe.dialog('widget').css('opacity', 0.001);
    close: function () {
    beforeClose: modifiedHandling

You can check url parameter first and change width of the dialog only when it's Select Rendering dialog.

Remember that Sitecore caches scripts heavily, so best open new private tab after or start developer tools and check "Disable Cache" option.

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