I've created multiple custom reports for content managers. They all run as expected in the Sitecore Powershell ISE.
When I save them in Reporting Tools and attempt to run I am getting errors.
The first error was due to the relative -Path so I added the master: prefix and that fixed it.

The error I'm stuck on is "Get-ItemTemplate : Current Sitecore database cannot be established, current location is not within a Sitecore content tree"

Here is the relevant part of the report script. It fails on the last line:

$path = $root.Paths.FullPath
$pathtouse = "master:" + $path
#Get Items
$items = Get-ChildItem -Path $pathtouse -Recurse
#For each item check templates
foreach($item in $items){
    $template = Get-ItemTemplate -ID $item.ID

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My guess is that you need to add the -Path parameter when using -ID or instead just use -Item $item. The database is not known when calling the Get-ItemTemplate command.


Get-ItemTemplate -Item $item 
  • You are right on with the suggestion. Appreciate the quick help. Get-Template -Item $item did the trick. Jul 15, 2021 at 19:44

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