I am new to TDS. I have a template which has a ContentList field of type TreeList. This field is allowed to select any page template. When I map this changes in TDS(Visual Studio) the tds generates a model automatically for this field like,

object ContentList{get;set;} but I want this as IEnumerable(IMytmeplate) ContentList{get;set;}

Whenever I make changes in CMS and merge in code this is getting overwritten. Is there any way to achieve the desired result? Similarly I have a date picker field and I want it to be nullable. Whenever I make changes to content in CMS and merge in code these fields are getting overwritten and I need to make the changes manually.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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This functionality is available OTTB in TDS, to accomplish this you can follow below steps:

  1. Select ContentList field item and right click and select Properties

enter image description here 2. Go to Custom Data field and type


enter image description here

  1. Again sync, it will work

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