One of our users recently got this exception while trying to rebuild the links database it the Scan the database for broken links (report) dialog:

enter image description here

I'm not clear what access is being denied here, and why. Is this a Sitecore user access issue, or is it more on the lines of a database issue? If the former, what sort of permissions is he likely to be missing? (He currently has fairly basic access to one project - basically a subtree of the content tree. I understand the link database is shared across multiple database environments; does it therefor require a higher level of access to run this update?)


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In core database there is Rebuild link database application. You can find it here:

/sitecore/content/Applications/Control Panel/Database/Rebuild link database

That Application access denied exception is thrown when that item is either missing in core database or when the user does not have Read access to that item.

If it was one time issue only, most probably user was logged out in the meantime between opening the Browser Links dialog and opening Rebuild link database form.

If it's permanent, check if that user has access to the item mentioned above using Access viewer.

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