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A broken link is a reference to an item in the Sitecore Content Tree that does not exist anymore. All questions around Sitecore broken links, should use this tag.

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Remove link of item marked as Unpublishable

I have 2 templates, Location and Provider. Provider has Locations associated in a Multilist field. At times, I need to mark the Location non-publishable. But when I do this and publish it (ultimately ...
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Duplicate selected IDs appearing in raw value of checklist field after deleting an item and linking to other (already selected) item

I ran into an issue when cleaning up two pairs of items like so: Parent item Reference Item 1 Similar Reference Item 1 [delete and relink to Reference Item 1] Reference Item 2 Similar Reference Item ...
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How to Remove Dependable Links when deleting item using item.Delete()

We are programmatically removing items using item.Delete() in C#. Deleted items that were linked to other items are appearing as broken link When manually deleting in Sitecore we get options like ...
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Sitecore Broken Links report

Needs to get all the broken links for clean up purpose. Please let us know do we have any custom code to get all the broken links without power shell script. When we try get all broken links Sitecore ...
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Elapsed Datasources Remain and Return Null in Web DB

quick question. On my current project, content authors can select an expiration date for when a datasource item will become unpublishable. We are encountering an issue where once this date has elapsed,...
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Permissions Exception Rebuilding Link Database

One of our users recently got this exception while trying to rebuild the links database it the Scan the database for broken links (report) dialog: I'm not clear what access is being denied here, and ...
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How to fix broken links in EditorPage.aspx url format

Following are few broken link examples using EditorPage.aspx in Sitecore v8.2. How can an editor create such links and should those be transformed as mentioned in each example scenario. There are too ...
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How to publish all updated links for page

I'm wondering if there is a way to publish a page with and the links that refer to it all at once. What I did was... Delete the original page Update all the links to the new page. Publish out the new ...
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The semaphore timeout period has expired when scanning for broken links

I looked everywhere but I could not find an answer, so here I am. I tried to run Sitecore's broken link report (in Control Panel > Reports > Scan the database for broken links) but got the below ...
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Why do links from custom link / image fields not appear in the link database?

I am using the following custom fields on our instance of Sitecore 9.0.2: Advance Image Field Sitecore Field Suite
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check for all broken links of type "External Link"

I'm using sitecore9.1.1. I need a way to get a list of all items that has a field of type "General Link" that is set to "External Link" and is not working. (i.e return all broken external links in ...
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How to delete Sitecore items without reference using PowerShell script?

We have multi-site application, want to delete items which are not referencing anywhere in content tree. Following are categories: 1) DataSource items 2) Template 3) Media items 4) Renderings How ...
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Sitecore broken links reports - how to find wrong component

I have a message about a broken link at final layout at some page item on my Sitecore 8.2 instance. I ran a Scan for broken link report and find a record about this page item. The report shows an ...
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Errors in Publishing due to broken links [duplicate]

We have recently migrated from Sitecore 8.2 to 9. It seems that Sitecore 9 is doing link validation in a different way than previous versions. It seems that in our system in 8.2 there have been saved ...
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