I have the below scenario to implement unit testing on a Sitecore MVC (with glassmapper) integration.

  1. We are using a wrapper class to make calls to Glassmapper Sitecore Context methods. Below is one of the example.

     public interface IMappingProvider
          T GetItem<T>(Guid id, bool isLazy = false, bool inferType = false) where T : class;
     public class GlassMappingProvider : IMappingProvider
          public T GetItem<T>(Guid id, bool isLazy = false, bool inferType = false) where T : class
               var context = new SitecoreContext();
               return context.GetItem<T>(id, isLazy, inferType);
  2. All the controllers are being initialized with the wrapper GlassMappingProvider

     public class SitecoreTestController : Controller
         private readonly IMappingProvider _mappingProvider;
         public SitecoreTestController (IMappingProvider mappingProvider)
             _mappingProvider = mappingProvider;
  3. I have followed multiple articles where in to create Mock Sitecore Context, create Sitecore Fake DB, create the Item and set in the fake context. The challenge I have are bwlow

  • Could not pass the Sitecore Context to controllers
  • Could not Mock the GetItem of the Glass Wrapper - GlassMappingProvider.

Any one had the similar implementation or any suggestions on what to be done to write a test cases for such a implementation?

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Please follow the below-mentioned steps and try to incorporate them with your existing code:

  1. Create a Test controller in your project, for example, I am creating HeroTestController and specifying the namespace of your controller:
using HeroController = global::YourProjectName.HeroController;
  1. Define the variables in your Test Class:
private Mock<IMvcContext> mvcContextMock;
private Mock<HeroController> controller;
  1. Initialize those variables into your TestInitialize Method:
public void TestInitialize()
   this.mvcContextMock= new Mock<IMvcContext>();
   this.controller = new Mock<HeroController>(this.mvcContextMock.Object) { CallBase = true };
  1. Write your Test method:
public void TestMethodA()
   // arrange 
   GetItemByIdOptions option = new GetItemByIdOptions(this.YourObject.Id) { InferType = false, Lazy = Glass.Mapper.LazyLoading.Disabled };
   this.mvcContextMock.Setup(x => x.SitecoreService.GetItem<ModelName>(option))

  // act
  // assert 

Steps 1,2 and 3 can solve your first problem i.e. Could not pass the Sitecore Context to controllers.

Steps 4 can solve your second problem i.e. Could not Mock the GetItem of the Glass Wrapper - GlassMappingProvider.

Hope it helps you.

  • Thanks for the detailed explanation Himmat. I understand that this approach will help creating test cases for any new controller where Sitecore Context is being used. But I would need a solution where the existing controllers code can be untouched and implement Test cases as well. Once again, Thanks for taking the time and providing a detailed solution with code example
    – D J
    Commented May 23, 2022 at 13:17

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