Is there any way to check the version of Sitecore Content Hub?

It should be somewhere inside manage page but i couldn't find that.

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You just need to use url - https://sitecorecontenthubURL/api/status

It will show a json format, search for product_version, it will tell you the Content Hub version.

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Status is an endpoint part of the REST API that can be used for monitoring purposes. Only the GET method is supported.

This action provides access to the index of all the available actions as well as some basic and minimal status information. Note this resource does not require authorization and is thus publicly visible.

Browse the URL: https://{your-contenthub-url}/api/status

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In addition to retrieving the status resource, you can also request the following: License, Error, Queues, Jobs, Data storage, Graph, and Service status.

Browse the URL: https://{your-contenthub-url}/api/license

License requests will all details about the version and others like is_valid, active_user, total_user, etc.

To check the version of an environment, append /api/status/version to its URL. The version appears at the top of the response.

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