Is there any way from an API level to obtain a list of roles which are "base" roles from an existing Role object? i.e. the roles which would grant inherited read access?

I've noticed that when querying a users roles via


these inherited or "base" roles are not listed.

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If you need to get a base roles for role, you can use the GetRolesForRole(Role role, bool includeIndirectMembership) method of RolesInRolesManager.

For example, if you need to get a base roles for each role of user, you can use something like below:

foreach (var role in Sitecore.Context.User.Roles)
    var basedRoldes = RolesInRolesManager.GetRolesForRole(role, true);

The RolesInRolesManager is defined at the Sitecore.Security.Accounts namespace.

If includeIndirectMembership flag is false, the method will return just a base roles for role. If flag is true, the method will also return a base roles of each base role.


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