I created a partial design called Footer, and added a Link List rendering to this Footer by using the presentation details.

I assigned this partial design to the page design Default and assigned this page design to the homepage.

In this situation the only way to change the content of the Link List rendering via the Experience Editor is by opening the partial design in the xEditor. So when I open the Experience Editor for the homepage I'm not able to change the links in the Link List rendering.

I don't know whether this is by design or maybe there is a setting which can change this this behaviour?

I would like all renderings to be editable on page level even when they are defined on partial designs.

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Editing partial designs can only be done on the partial design itself - that is by design. There is no setting to change that. https://doc.sitecore.net/sitecore_experience_accelerator/designing/page_design/create_and_change_a_partial_design

A partial design is an item on itself. So you need to get to that 'item' in the experience editor to change it:

  1. On the ribbon, on the Experience Accelerator tab, click Partial Design.
  2. Select the partial design that you want to change.

As a change to a partial designs can have consequences on lots of pages, there is some logic in the design choice to edit them separately. Otherwise editors might make changes without knowing the results.

I understand your question and feeling to edit everything on the page itself, but I'm afraid that is not the way it works.

  • This is only partially true. Data sources for renderings within Partial Designs can be set to use the "page:" prefix, which will cause the page instance to read a data item from the page data folder. A user with admin access can in fact edit the fields in these renderings from a page in EE. I'm trying to figure out how to set permissions so a user in a Role can edit these fields as well. Jun 25, 2020 at 19:43
  • Just need Write access to the page data folder, that allows a non-admin role to edit field values of renderings that come from a partial design and use data sources that are in the page data folder. Jun 26, 2020 at 14:06

You can access these in the Content Editor under the Data directory. SxA Data Directory

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