For updating sitecore WFFM the downloaded package "Web Forms for Marketers 8.2 rev. 160801 (update package) NOT SC PACKAGE" consist of two .update files, one for CM and one for CD server, I had updated the CM instance but for CD server as we know /sitecore/admin/.. is restricted , so do i will have to update those files manually or there is any other way to install update on CD server ? What is the best approach which will ensure that both CM and CD update are in sync ?

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I verified upgrade package.

I suggest you to delete from CD manually files and folders from deletedfiles and deletedfolders from the update package Web Forms for Marketers CD 8.2 rev. 160801.update.

And then you need to copy manually from Web Forms for Marketers CD 8.2 rev. 160801.zip all the files.

  • Thanks for answer ! But my doubt is that it is .update file , I am updating WFFM from 8.1 rev. 160523 to 8.2 rev. 160801 and the .update file contains some folder like changed files , deletedfiles , deletedfolders etc. So i can't unzip it directly to website folder on CD instance. So do i will have to overwrite and changes the files manually on CD instance or there is any better way to do that ?
    – ganesh
    Sep 22, 2017 at 5:32

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