Sitecore has a bunch of Channels defined in /sitecore/system/Marketing Control Panel/Taxonomies/Channel.The config Sitecore.Analytics.Channel specify the different channels that are assigned for different scenarios.

In the Interactions collection in MongoDB, the ReferringSite is the name of actual site. So the value of the ChannelId should be the item id of Direct channel. Instead it is NUUID("44dd9ff5-44b2-4c59-8df8-849e400f4b6b") which is the item id of Other referrals.

After digging around, the code responsible for assigning the ChannelId is Sitecore.Analytics.OmniChannel.Pipelines.DetermineInteractionChannel.ReferringSite.

The code checks if Tracker.Dictionaries.ReferringSites contains the current site to know which channelId to assign to it. The issue is that Tracker.Dictionaries.ReferringSites does not contain my site so it falls back to Other referrals.

Is there a way to populate Tracker.Dictionaries.ReferringSites with my site details? If so, how would I do this?

Sitecore Version is 8.2 Update 1.


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