My local instance suddenly stopped working today. The CMS or the live site just doesn't load. When I tried to open it using SIM, it has this log.

No changes done to web.config or connection strings. I have checked logging into SQL Server and it works fine.

I even removed all project DLLs & patch configs from webroot.

Using sc8.2u3

There is an issue with requesting 'http://mysite/sitecore/service/keepalive.aspx?ts=636523285992235501&reason=long'.
No error response provided.
System.Net.WebException: The request was aborted:
The operation has timed out.
Status: Timeout
---> System.Net.WebException: The request was aborted: The operation has timed out. at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() at SIM.Base.WebRequestHelper.RequestAndGetResponse(Uri uri, Nullable1 timeout, Nullable1 readWriteTimeout, String cookies) at SIM.Base.WebRequestHelper.DownloadString(String url, Nullable1 timeout, Nullable1 readWriteTimeout) at SIM.Instances.InstanceHelper.StartInstance(Instance instance, Nullable1 timeout, String reason) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at SIM.Instances.InstanceHelper.StartInstance(Instance instance, Nullable1 timeout, String reason) at SIM.Tool.Base.InstanceHelperEx.PreheatInstance(Instance instance, Exception& exception)

Error in Sitecore log file (but these errors were being logged even much before today's issue):

ERROR Exception when executing agent aggregation/automationCleanupService Exception: MongoDB.Driver.MongoQueryException Message: QueryFailure flag was not master and slaveOk=false (response was { "$err" : "not master and slaveOk=false", "code" : 13435 }). Source: MongoDB.Driver at MongoDB.Driver.Internal.MongoReplyMessage1.ReadHeaderFrom(BsonBuffer buffer) at MongoDB.Driver.Internal.MongoConnection.ReceiveMessage[TDocument](BsonBinaryReaderSettings readerSettings, IBsonSerializer serializer, IBsonSerializationOptions serializationOptions) at MongoDB.Driver.Operations.QueryOperation1.GetFirstBatch(IConnectionProvider connectionProvider) at MongoDB.Driver.Operations.QueryOperation1.Execute(IConnectionProvider connectionProvider) at System.Linq.Enumerable.FirstOrDefault[TSource](IEnumerable1 source)
at Sitecore.Analytics.RangeScheduler.MongoDbRangeMap2.RemoveFinishedRanges() at Sitecore.Analytics.Automation.Data.MongoDbAutomationProvider.GetOldestUnaggregatedRangeTimestamp() at Sitecore.Analytics.Automation.Data.MongoDbAutomationProvider.RemoveAutomationTransitions(DateTime oldestInclusive, DateTime latestExclusive) at Sitecore.Analytics.Automation.Aggregation.Data.Processing.CleanupAgent.Execute() at Sitecore.Analytics.Core.BackgroundService.Run()

  • Anything in Sitecore logs? Is Mongo running? Jan 23 '18 at 13:08
  • @MarekMusielak Mongo is running
    – Qwerty
    Jan 23 '18 at 13:14
  • Have you compared against a clean install? It sounds like you have deployed something that is running continuously in a loop. Jan 23 '18 at 13:47
  • @JayS. ah no....but even if so, shouldnt the CMS load.
    – Qwerty
    Jan 23 '18 at 14:02
  • Can you load ShowConfig.aspx? If even that won't load, that indicates some sort of failed deploy of config files. Jan 23 '18 at 15:05

I was also facing same issue. Not sure what was the root cause problem. But changing Identity of App pool in IIS work for me.

Goto IIS -> Application Pools -> Select your website application Pool -> Click on Adavanced Settings -> Click on Identity -> Select any other identity like "ApplicationPoolIdentity" or "Network Service" or "Local System".

Note:- Choose the identity different from current one.

This should start your Sitecore instance.

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