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XM Cloud content delivery in local machine without any Edge url or config change?

Sitecore Experience Edge is a cloud-based CDN, it's not something you run locally. In basic terms, it is a CDN which is used as a replacement for your CD instances and Web database. You can read more ...
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GraphQL - Internal links rendering as notfound in Rich text field Value

Official answer from Sitecore: We have reproduced a similar behavior where the links were incorrectly resolved as "/sitecore/service/notfound.aspx". We created a related bug, with public ...
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1 vote

Sitecore Search Index Sitecore Content using a Request Trigger and Experience Edge

I had the same error "Validation Error: The number of indexed documents should be bigger than 0" and it turned out that it was caused by a missing id attribute in my document extractor. As ...
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Sitecore XM Cloud Redirect is not working on SXA sites with XM Cloud

You need to be aware of the caching issue on the Edge, by default the edge has 4:00 hours caching time, if you want to get redirect map immidiately to work, you need to do following: publish the ...
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