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All the question related to generating XML Sitemap, HTML Sitemap for Sitecore website or the Sitemap module.

There are two main types of sitemaps: HTML and XML. The main difference is that HTML sitemaps focus on making the website more user-friendly for humans, while XML sitemaps are written solely for search engine spiders (crawlers)

HTML Sitemaps: An HTML sitemap is an HTML page on which all subpages of a website are listed. It is usually linked in the footer of a site and is therefore visible to all visitors.

XML Sitemaps: An XML Sitemaps help search engine crawlers navigate your site and improve search engine optimization (SEO). It is created specifically for search engines to show details of the available pages in a website, their relative importance, and the frequency of content updates. With SXA, by default, the sitemap is generated for the whole site and stored in the cache.