As per Sitecore documentation for setting up Solr, I have generated the schema.xml (using managed-schema file) and updated solrconfig.xml. I copied both the files to the conf folder of the all cores and removed managed-schema. But when I stop the solr and start using command "solr start", it reset the solrconfig.xml changes, put the managed-schema file back and converted schema.xml as backup file (schema.xml.bak) in all the cores.

I am getting error while opening Content Editor and it seems to be due to issue with core. I am using SItecore 8.2 update 6.

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I got the solution.

solrconfig.xml of core needs to have below configuration setting.

<schemaFactory class="ClassicIndexSchemaFactory" />

Create a schema.xml file by duplicating and renaming the managed-schema file.

Make the following changes in the default schema.xml file distributed with Solr before generating Sitecore schema: Enclose all and elements in the tag. Enclose all elements in the tag.

Switch to the ClassicIndexSchemaFactory setting by adding the following line to the SolrConfig.xml file.

More details on this Sitecore knowledge base: https://kb.sitecore.net/articles/227897

Generally, Solr shouldn't change your configuration/schema files unless you are enabling Master/Slave architecture, and you are trying to do these changes on Slave.


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