I am new to Sitecore Experience Commerce (SXC) 9 development and want to embrace the whole platform.

Where should I start?

What should I learn, watch & read?

Where can I find help if I need it?

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1. Sitecore Commerce Documention

Great resource is Sitecore official documentation which contains:

  1. Developer's Guide - http://commercesdn.sitecore.net/SitecoreXC_9.0/Commerce-Connect/Sitecore_Connect_90_Developer_Guide.pdf
  2. Integration Guide - http://commercesdn.sitecore.net/SitecoreXC_9.0/Commerce-Connect/Sitecore_Connect_90_Integration_Guide.pdf
  3. Setting up Commerce Connect
  1. Commerce Connect Components:
  1. Reports:

2. Youtube

When you like to see things in action and narrated - take a look on two Youtube playlists that are part of Master Sitecore channel which is maintained by Sitecore itself and I definitely recommend to watch all "episodes".

List of Commerce related playlists on Master Sitecore channel:

Lot's of great non-commerce recordings regarding architecture, Helix, xConnect and many more can be found there also. Just check it out, you won't regret!

3. Sitecore Official Commerce Trainings / Exams

  • Online Trainings

I have learnt a lot taking and passing online trainings:

There is also more advanced onsite training:

You can also test your knowledge by passing Sitecore Experience Commerce (SXC) 9 Essentials Certification:

  • Official Study guide - You will learn here exactly how to register for this exam, details about exam and topics you need to cover during your preparation.
  • Study guide prepared by Peter Prochazka - You will know exactly what steps you need to do in order to successfully pass this exam with all links to documentation and suggestion how to embrace preparation for this exam.

4. Blogs

There are lots of Sitecore developers who share their knowledge, expertise and experience through their blogs, youtube channels and so on. Some are specialized in Sitecore Commerce particularly. This can be great source of truth and could help you find solution to your problems pretty quickly because you know, there is big probability that somebody experienced same problems as you before or somebody already developed similar solution to your current requirements ;) Also wise people learn by other's faults ;)

5. Twitter

If you are on twitter, you can follow @commerceminion. It is a bot automatically retweeting all Sitecore Commerce related tweets. Great source of knowledge if you want to stay up to date!

6. Help

If you are seeking help, you can use lot's of channels:

7. Sitecore Habitat Home Commerce demo

Great source of knowledge and help in the beginning of your Sitecore Commerce journey can be also Sitecore Habitat Home Commerce demo. This is demo / code repository of Sitecore Commerce solution and can used as a reference and inspiration for your solution.

More information about Sitecore Habitat Home Commerce demo:

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