I used the installation script for an XP1 scaled 9.1 instance, which includes a bunch of json files for xconnect:

enter image description here

however after successfully running .\XP1-SingleDeveloper.ps1 I cannot find an IIS instance for xconnect.


Am I supposed to have one such instance? What am I doing wrong?

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You will not have such an instance. A single xConnect instance you will have on XP0.

on XP1 you have next application roles:

enter image description here

Here are described every role what is doing:


  • Thank you for your reply. But the documentation about xDB Migration Tool explicitly says, "On your xConnect instance, in the xconnect\App_Config\ConnectionStrings.configfile,replace the name of the old reporting database with the name of the new one". Where is the xConnect instance in my case? Mar 15, 2019 at 9:38

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